Volunteer Application

All volunteers (and special groups) are required to have a completed volunteer application on file before volunteering. Please inquire in advance with regards to position availability.


    Contact Information

    Reason for volunteering?

    Are you able to make a one-year commitment?

    Contact Information

    Emergency Contact

    Availability & Position

    What day(s) and time(s) are you available to volunteer? If not available for a full shift, please specify what time you are available. We are happy to have you as your schedule allows.

    Which position(s) interest(s) you as a volunteer?

    Skills & Interest


    Please provide name and phone number of three references; not family members


    By signing this form I hereby certify the facts set forth in the above Volunteer Application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand if placed, falsified statements on this Application Form may disqualify me from volunteer involvement or become just cause for my dismissal and I shall not make claims against or put upon the North Bay Food Bank any further legal action and/or obligation. This form authorizes the North Bay Food Bank to make any inquiries required to determine my suitability for volunteer placement, including contact with my references and/or others as deemed necessary. I acknowledge and accept this application does not guarantee volunteer placement and the North Bay Food Bank is under no obligation to accept or assign me a volunteer position and is not obliged to provide a reason.