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How You and
Your Team Can Help:

My Team Cares is a self-guided program that allows teams of all kinds to help the North Bay Food Bank care for our community. It’s a fun way to strengthen the bonds within your own organization or team, and it allows us to multiply the good we can do for those in need.

We’ll provide some ideas and tools to help you and your team create your own food drive program! Whether your team consists of people from the office, your volleyball team or a group of friends and neighbours, we can achieve so much more when we work together.

How It Works

1. Register and Build Your Team

My Team Cares is open to everyone! Your team can be your company, community group, sports team or even your entire association. All that matters is you work together to achieve your goal… because you care. And don’t forget to register so we can keep track of all the caring that’s happening in our community!

Food of the Month

2. What’s Your Flavour?

Decide what your team would like to contribute. We always need non-perishable food items (check out our facebook page our food of the month!) but we’re also happy to accept your money : )

3. Get Swagged Up!

Want to take it to the next level?!! Get your team swagged up to show the community that you care. It will make your team feel great, and encourage others to join in! Download the My Team Cares Logo template here, and provide it to your local printer along with your team/company logo or name, and get creative! We think T-shirts are an excellent way to spread the word and of course you’ll want to use the social media graphics.


My Team Cares Tshirt
Kid Soccer Team Hug

4. Start Caring

Set your goal and completion date and start working towards it. Are you keeping it within the team, or asking others to pitch in? It’s up to you! Now that you have a goal, how are you going to achieve it? Maybe you want each person in your office to bring in 10 food items. Or you could ask everyone on your baseball team to canvas their street so you can raise 500 lbs of food. You can involve your fans, clients, friends, family and neighbours. Feel free to be creative and make it fun!


5. Post and Share

Make sure you post and share on social media along the way. It’s great for team morale and you’ll be helping spread awareness and show people how they can get involved too. See below for graphics, or do your own thing!

My Team Cares North Bay Food Bank Social Share Graphics
My Team Cares Cereal Box Comp SM

6. Achieve Your Goal and Celebrate!

When you achieve your goal, it’s time to drop off your donation and celebrate! Maybe you want to reward your team for their effort (we have some ideas, just ask us) and we also have special social media graphics for you to post when you have reached your goal – see the Swag section below.

BONUS! – Each year, we will be recognizing the most passionate supporters by immortalizing them on an unperishable food item. We’ll Photoshop the winning team’s photo onto this virtual symbol of community caring, and use it for the next year’s campaign!



Register Now!

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Get Swagged Up

My Team Cares Logo Set

Download this and provide it to your local T-shirt printer, along with your own team logo or name. Skaters North is one of our partners and can hook you up! You can use the designs below, or do your own thing. The important part is showing others that you care!


Customizable Graphic
Add Your Team’s Logo!

Social Media Graphics

Here are some images you can post to spread the word. Use them to post about what you are doing and your goals, and if you want others to join you.

Customizable Graphic
Add Your Team’s Logo!

“We Achieved Our Goal” Graphics

Here are some fun graphics you can use to tell everyone that you have reached your goal. Post the image, share the good news and thank your team for all their hard work. Let’s celebrate together!


Customizable Graphic
Add Your Team’s Logo!

Reasons to Care

Cory’s Story

We probably all understand why it’s important to support the Food Bank right? Because everybody should have enough to eat. And no one in our community should go hungry. But sometimes it’s good to remember that anyone can end up in a situation where they need help. And most of us are just a couple life changes away from needing support ourselves. Cory’s story is a perfect example:

Hello everyone.

My name is Cory Knox. For those of you who do not know me, I am the coach of the Kia Trappers Bantam team and I am also a member of the House League committee.

A few of years ago, in November to be exact, I left work thinking I was headed home to get my son and drive to hockey practice. Wow, was I wrong.

I got a call from my wife halfway home, and was told to meet her at the Children’s Aid Society and that it was an emergency. Upon arrival, and after taking in what was happening, I was made aware that there were some young children that were in trouble, and they needed our help. Right there, was when we accepted care and responsibility for an 8 year old boy and twin sisters only 8 days old.

My wife took a leave of absence from work, and I did everything I could to support the three new children on top of the two we had living at home already. With no financial assistance we made it work the best we could. This lasted almost 7 months. Christmas time was exceptionally difficult. We came to a point where we reached out for help. As much as it was hard to ask for help, I am glad that we did. Many organizations jumped at the opportunity to help us. The two that stick with me are the North Bay Food Bank and the Santa Fund. The people within these organizations stepped up and offered way more than we had ever expected. They came to my home, they brought gifts, enough food to feed an army, clothes, toys and supplies. It was all pretty overwhelming. However I am not sure we could have done it without the help of these organizations.

So looking back on all of this, being involved in something like My Team Cares is one simple way for me to give back and say thanks for what they did for me. I am hoping that this helps people realize what these organizations do for people every single day. But they can’t do it without our help. So please, I ask you to rally your team, young or old, explain to your team what these organizations do. Read them this story if that’s what it takes. But please do what you can to contribute.


Looking for another way to help My Team Cares? Contact one of
our committee members today. We are always looking for community partners, prize donations, a helping hand and your great ideas!


Our Team Cares

These are the wonderful people behind the My Team Cares Program. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions, or just to tell them what a great job they are doing!

My Team Cares Co-Chairs

Debbie Marson     Heath Marson  

705-493-2394      705-495-7650

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