Workplace Involvement

If you value what you do professionally and you believe your workplace values giving back to the community – advocate for the support of North Bay’s food security.

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Get The Whole Team Involved

Many organizations have the mandate of improving market share and profits. The beauty is that supporting the North Bay Food Bank is a great way to accomplish both mandates. The brand recognition and marketing available as a community capital supporter for any organization is substantial and demonstrating community action internally increases moral, productivity and engagement of any organization.

Ways your workplace can help:

Your voice matters to your organization, help your community by advocating for your organizations involvement in improving food security in North Bay. There are three ways and organization can participate:

1. Make Your Organization Aware

Announce and remind the organization of the “Just One” campaign. Same for the food of the month – perhaps post it in your office as a reminder. Support this with food bins in the lunchrooms and/or gathering places within the workplace. Also, when you see Food Bank upcoming events promoted here on our website, or posted on our social media, share with your co-workers.

2. Become a Corporate Sponsor

This is perhaps the most meaningful and long-lasting way to support us. Become a corporate capital supporter by selecting one of the four levels of sponsorship packages, and let the North Bay Food Bank work hard to distinguish your brand and team as socially conscious.

You can print a copy of our corporate sponsorship information package here:

3. Organize an Event

You can create your own events to support the Food Bank, or simply get involved with one of the upcoming events already happening!

Whether you plan to host your own, or you suggest an outing to attend another event in the city, the key is to keep sharing the info with your colleagues!

Become a Volunteer Today

Community help and support is the only way that we can continue to feed North Bay.
The North Bay Food Bank depends deeply on the support of volunteers to help us achieve our mission. Please consider joining our volunteer team – you’ll help those in need in our community and have fun doing it!

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